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Sanctband Better In Every Way

Sanctband specializes in producing high quality latex-resistive exercise band & tubing for resistance training and rehabilitation products in Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation, Fitness and Strength Training.

Sanctband’s Powder Free and Reduced Protein Exercise Band is to address the dissatisfaction for the messiness of the conventional powdery bands and also address the concerns for latex allergy when using latex exercise band (Note: powder is used to prevent the tackiness of the latex). To address these concerns, Sanctband’s Exercise Band is powder free and reduced protein, thereby improving the user’s comfort and also address the concern for latex allergy. Sanctband address the protein allergy by 2 prongs: first, Sanctband Exercise Band is treated to remove most of the proteins content in latex. Second, Sanctband Exercise Band is washed to remove the excessive powder on the band, thereby reducing the possibility of the powder acting as a transporting agent of proteins into the skin of users when contact.

Sanctband Resistive Band and tubing is designed to alleviate latex allergy

With this Powder Free & Reduced Protein features, many professional Physiotherapists are adopting Sanctband in their rehabilitation program for the patients in North America, EU and Asia Pacific.

Sanctband is produced by Sanctuary Health based in Malaysia, which is one of world’s leading producer of natural latex and high quality latex-based products. Sanctuary Health is a fully integrated company specializing in all types of latex sheetings and latex tubing.

The Company also obtained its ISO 9001:2008 "Quality Management System" in respect of manufacturing process for latex based fitness products & dental dams and ISO 13485:2003 in respect of manufacturing of dental dams. Both ISO certifications are certified by Deutche Quality System ("DQS") GmBH since January 2007.