Frequently Asked Questions For Resistive Band



Here you may find some frequently asked questions we commonly replied to. However if you can't find your answer here, please feel free to send us an enquiry through email or the online feedback form.

  1. What is Sanctband?

    Sanctband is the name of our product line / brand, and we specialise in manufacturing high-quality latex-based resistance exercise bands. The exercise bands are designed to help tone and shape your body when it is incorporated into daily workouts.

  2. How can I use Sanctband Resistance Exercise Bands to help tone my body?

    You can use Sanctband Resistance Exercise Bands to tone your arms with a simple bicep curl, or shoulder lifts for your shoulders. For more info, kindly consult your fitness trainer, or visit our Youtube channel.

  3. What do the different colours represent?

    Sanctband has specially classified different resistance / tension levels according to different colours:

    1. Peach – Extra Light
    2. Orange – Light
    3. Lime Green – Medium
    4. Blueberry – Heavy
    5. Plum – Extra Heavy
    6. Gray – Super Heavy

  4. How do I know which resistance to select?

    You may refer to your fitness trainer to help recommend the resistance that suits you most. If you are a first time user to resistance bands, please seek professional advice before purchase.

  5. How long can the Resistance Bands last?

    Tests have been conducted on the bands, and it is found to last about 10,000 stretches. As for the shelf life, please keep the resistance bands away from direct sunlight or heat. The resistance bands can be washed with water, to get rid of sweat residues. It should last more than a year.

  6. How do I get hold of the resistance bands?

    We have distributors worldwide. If you are interested in any of our products, kindly drop us an email, and we shall direct you to the best possible channel.