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Atmospheric Air Renewal

  • Studies show that rubber trees planted worldwide can remove 363,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide anually, replacing it with 364,000 tonnes of oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Photosynthesis revitalizes the earth's atmosphere and helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Renewable & Sustainable Resource

Backend by more than 75 years of scientific research in Malaysia, the rubber tree of the hevea brasiliensis species has been bred to the most efficient source of rubber latex. It is planted with a density of 450 trees per hectare. At the end of each lifecycle of 30 years, the trees are fell for timber and the area replanted.

Biodegradability of natural rubber

  • Natural rubber and its products biodegrade through a natural biological process.
  • Incineration of products made of natural rubber does not result in harmful gas emission, unlike those made from synthetic rubber.
  • Tested by the RRIM show thatlatex gloves disposed in landfill biodegrade after 2 weeks with a weight loss of 75% without impairment to the environment.
(Source from MREPC's Promotional Brochure)